Store Transformations - Flooid Vantage Point 2020


The global pandemic has taught the retail community more about disruptors than the most powerful recessions, depressions, and world wars. At the same time, we know that Covid-19 exposed the technological weaknesses and overall lag between retailers and consumer expectations that lurked below the surface. Some retailers were ready for Covid. Most were not. So how do we move on from here? 

In this session on Store Transformations, thought leaders from several key facets of the retail industry will come together to share how they have helped shape and reinvent retail by leveraging partnerships and rapid innovation to meet the particular demands of today’s retail shoppers.

This event, hosted by Flooid and moderated by Intel, is sure to bring clarity and remove doubt about the power of nurturing a collaborative ecosystem of partners and innovators.

Moderator representing the Intel IoT Solutions Alliance and the Intel Open Retail Initiative

Christopher Timmins

Director: Partnerships & Alliances

Over 20 years, Chris has held multiple global positions within Intel. From stints in supply chain management, building startup businesses within Intel, and creating and nurturing ecosystems around open source ingredients in Retail, Chris has a passion for creating change while working startups to the Fortune 500.

Hosted by

Joe Frazier

Product Manager & Solutions Strategy

As Product Manager, Joe drives the solution strategy for Self Checkout and Self-Service. Every day he analyzes the market and engages with retailers transforming requirements into the products and customer journeys that are driving the next generation of connected commerce.


Joseph Gnorski

Senior Vice President, Retail – Americas

Joe’s thought leadership is widespread and he has spoken at key industry events about using technology to transform organizations. Joe leads a multi-faceted team bringing a depth of cash automation consulting and solutions to customers throughout the Americas region.


Matt Redwood

Global Head of Self-Service

As Global Head of Self-Service, Matt leads a team of experts focused on retail automation and advanced checkout solutions. Every day he helps retailers build the right self-service strategy to raise consumer satisfaction and keep store efficiency at a maximum.


Mark Stutzman

Chief Technology Officer

Mark Stutzman serves as CTO of AREA15, an immersive art, event, and entertainment complex in Las Vegas. Offering live events, immersive activations, art installations, food and beverage, and much more, the complex uses ground-breaking technology to connect an ever-changing landscape of new and extraordinary experiences.


Jeannie Amerson

Principal Consultant, Loyalty Strategy & Customer Engagement
Impact 21  

Jeannie, a senior brand management executive, has passion for translating consumer behavior into engaging loyalty programs and integrated marketing strategies, helping clients drive profitable change. With her expansive experience across category management, corporate & product branding, and development & training, Jeannie brings strategic vision and operational expertise.

About Vantage Point 2020

Vantage Point 2020 is a four-part event series that aims to bring the retail community together for a meaningful conversation exploring the trends, transformations, and solutions retailers need to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing market. The series is supported by the Intel IoT Partner Alliance. The events have been crafted for technology strategists and business leaders seeking thought leadership during this unprecedented time in retail. Find out what the leaders are doing. Get a little perspective. Create your own advantage. Hit the mark for 2021!

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